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Smart Home technology

Smart home technologies provide integrated and autonomous control the following subsystems:


HVAC provide climate control on demand to only rooms which are occupied. Central control allows you to monitor and set temperatures from anywhere in the home.


Lighting Control
Lighting-control individual, sets or all lights from any touchpanel in the home. Realize energy savings through advanced lighting system programming.


Shade Control
Shade Control- use our automated shade controllers to lower your window coverings as the sun advances throughout the day and raise them again as the sun passes. Immediately drop your shades when you press the ‘Watch a Movie’ button on your touchpanel for movie theater like darkness…


Alarm Systems
Alarm Systems- Integrate your alarm system into your touchpanel environment. No more ugly alarm system panels on your walls!


Surveillance- integrate our autonomous camera controllers and you can capture the license plates of every vehicle that drives onto your property. There are many options for surveillance this is just the tip of the iceberg so to speak.