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Lighting Systems Management

Today’s modern commercial buildings incorporate more technology than ever. Lightingcontrol in these facilities is increasingly complex, balancing a variety ofrequirements such as life safety, energy conservation, comfort, productivity and aesthetics. The need to monitor, manage and control disparate lighting systems such as emergency, task, presentation, architectural and natural light simply and efficiently on a single platform is paramount.

Superhive and Crestron provide the most robust, efficient and scalable solutions for centralized and distributed commercial lighting systems. Only our solution seamlessly integrates lighting and shade controlwith HVAC, security, audio/video distribution and multimedia presentation, deliverng an enhanced user experience through graphic touchpanels, custom keypads and computer control interfaces.

View precise lighting levels, temperature and shade positions in every room graphically and quantitatively from any touchpanel or PC. Monitor and track current and historical energy consumption and cost savings, and intelligently manage resources.